Amy Kiel Photography by Jonathan Canlas

Product Styling Clients | Portfolio found HERE.


Amazon, Blue Nile, Drumheller Winery, Chasing Fireflies, Chateau Ste Michelle, Eddie Bauer, Filson, Flatbed Cider Co., Glazer's Camera, The House Studio, Nordstrom, The Northwest Axe Company, The North Face, Prep Sportswear, REI, Sandbox Studio/PDX, Strange & Wonderful, Tommy Bahama


Getting to know you is very important to me so we can create stellar imagery together! I'll come 50% and start with a little bit about myself...

• I have a really big dog named Lucy. She's a Great Dane and I adore her. Don't tell Darren but when he's out of town, I let her on the bed and we snuggle.

• I am 100% ok with the fact that I'm obsessed with The Office. If you ask me what I want to watch, I'll shamelessly request reruns of oogling over John Krasinski.

• Have you ever been to La Push, WA? If you haven't, stop what you're doing and book a trip right meow. It's where my heart lives and we go every January to start the newest year off right. Stormy oceans, board games, soggy hikes and whiskey? Yes, please!

• Someone needs to save me from Madewell and Patagonia. The addiction is real.

• I love Barre3 and my beloved Peloton. Sweat is good for the soul. I just completed my first triathlon in July of 2019 and I am so proud of myself! #EyeOnTheTri

• I'm also a Commercial Product Stylist. See my list of clients and styling portfolio below.

• Finally, but one of the most important things to know is my last name is pronounced Kyle. Not like Kiehls, the skincare brand or the city of Kiel in Germany. KIIIIIIEL. Cool, we can be friends now.

Amy Kiel Photography