Tonya + Jeremy | Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville

Oh, Tonya+Jeremy…It’s been a long time coming for me to share this gorgeous wedding. I have always pined for the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville. It’s romantic, it’s classic, it’s timeless. And it was the perfect spot for Tonya+Jeremy’s timeless and fanciful event. Give me all the blush and rose gold every day, please!

Tonya and I went to high school together and when she wrote me about photographing her wedding, obviously I squealed because obviously she’s incredibly stunning. My memories of Tonya from high school primarily are playing volleyball with her (that spike though…she was an offensive force ya’ll!) so to watch her walk down the aisle and be reintroduced to here family again was such an honor. Her sister’s toast brought tears to every set of eyes and her dad was a monster on the dance floor (in the best way ever!).

Tonya+Jeremy…Your love is beautiful and so is your family. Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer!

-always love, amy. xo


Ciao, Amico!
Darren and I are flying off to Italy in 24 hours. In honor of the spirit of travel, I’ve curated a selection of my favorite images from the last time we were in Europe. Our whirlwind trip through Iceland and France was just that; an epic whirlwind. There were moments when we were moving so fast that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate what was in front of me and it made me realize my preferred style of travel…

…slowly and with intention.

Iceland was a dream that I wish I could push rewind on and just stand in that ‘this-isn’t-real-landscape’ again. It’s so cheesy to say I was pinching myself but I was, because honestly, H O W is this landscape real?!? To be totally honest, I wasn’t stoked on the Blue Lagoon. It was far too touristy, they capitalized on it and it made me very sad. But yes, I appreciated the soak after a long flight.

In France, we visited Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Cassis, and Nice with a day trip to Monaco. No one part of France stole my heart more than Nice. When I look at my archives of film from our time in Nice, it’s clear to me that I was entranced because I shot less than one roll. I hardly took any photos because I was mesmerized. I can also speak to the fact that I was exhausted during this point in our trip and just wanted to be in Nice. I let myself take it in and be visually and emotionally present with all that was the magic of Nice. I had the best gelato of my life in the courtyard outside our Airbnb; tomato basil gelato…I’ll never forget it and to taste it again would be a dream! So while I do not have regrets allowing myself to do that, I do wish I had more imagery of Nice besides speedo-clad French/Italian men who clearly live a life to be envious of. However, our roast chicken dinner in Lyon on a patio wedged in the skinniest cobble stone street imaginable with twinkling lights hovering over us still makes me cry. Un conte de fées…. (a fairy tale…). Those were the experiences on this adventure that I’ll cherish for always and strive for more of as we venture out into the world.

While we’re in Italy we’ll have one full week in Venice and a few days in Cinque Terre. A lot of people who have been to Venice often tell me “Oh, you’re going to get so bored in Venice.” To which my response is, “That’s my hope.”

I want to slowly walk, to eat all the food, drink all the wine, to watch all the boats and the cycle of the Grand Canal, to not rush from site to site…I want to be a Venetian in disguise. I think my Italian roots might help with that. ; )

Please enjoy this collection of film from our time in Iceland and France and you can bet an Italy post will soon follow. I’m very excited that I’m only bringing my film cameras.

Andiamo in Italia!

Matt+Naomi | Mt Hood Organic Farms Wedding in Hood River

Matt+Naomi. Goodness. Their fall wedding in an orchard tucked away in Hood River was magic. I had never been to Mt Hood Organic Farms before so I planned a scout day and you guys... I was so overwhelmed with every single turn of my head. There is no nook of this place that isn’t photogenic and I have to be honest… I was so visually overwhelmed.

‘Am I going to be able to capture the magic of this place?’ How do I clone myself so I can be everywhere at once? Their guests are walking into a wonderland of pure joy. I need 10 of me.’

It was soft and drizzly while Matt+Naomi got ready (they arrived together in one car. So cute, guys) and then the sun greeted us moments before they saw each other to kick off our portrait session before their vows. And even while the venue itself is so stunning, everyone one was quiet bothered that the peak of Mt Hood was hiding behind the clouds all day, teasing us, dangling a carrot. Dinner time comes along and there she is. Basking in a Fuji Pink Sky, as I like to call it. : ) Show off.

Naomi’s dress was vintage from a shop in San Francisco that she had custom designed and it was made for her. Her smart, sophisticated style was everything and I’m pretty certain I told her she needed to get in that dress fast or else I’d walk right off the property with it. Just wow, Naomi.

Ok, enough. Please enjoy this curation of Matt+Naomi’s most beautiful wedding day. M+N- I am so thrilled to have been your photographer! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. How’s Tulum treating you guys? ; )

-always love, amy.

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The Weddings Professionals who made this day possible:

Venue: Mt Hood Organic Farms

Coordination: Cassandra Cass Catering

Florals: Lucy Gorman Florals

Ceremony Music + DJ Servies: Gorge Music

Nicole+Stuart | Woodsy Wedding at Kitsap Memorial State Park

Before I start gushing about Nicole+Stuart, let me first emphasize this… Kitsap Memorial State Park is one of theeee most underrated venues in my little humble opinion of opinions. If you dream of a woodsy wedding amongst the trees, views of the crisp sound and a kick ass hall for you and your guests to celebrate…it’s Kitsap Memorial State Park. I love love love this venue.

Nicole+Stuart…these two are real gems. They both have incredibly kind hearts and my time with them besides shooting their wedding was always spent laughing over a yummy cocktail and great food. When I asked Nicole when she knew Stuart was the one, she described a moment they shared having a steak dinner and a good bottle of wine while siting on the floor because he didn’t yet have a table in his studio apartment. *Girl, I can relate! I also took to fancy-ing my boyfriend while sharing many meals…sitting on the floor…in his studio apartment. That’s love, baby.

Stuart’s brother was his best man and his father was their officiant. And I really loved being witness to all three of them standing at the front of the ceremony awaiting Nicole down the aisle. Pro Tip: Family Matters. DO involve them in your ceremony because the foundation of your vows will increase exponentially.

Nicole+Stuart’s wedding day came to life via the combined visions of Natalie at Ginger Bee Events + Planning and Amy at Gather Design. The moss aisle runner adorned with lush ferns? Nailed it. Dj Beaux and Cho had the party absolutely rocking and I almost didn’t want to leave when our coverage was wrapped. *Don’t mind the creepy photographer just staring through the window pining for another song. And! Nicole’s insanely talented Uncle did the illustrations for their table cards and seating chart.

Quick recap: food, family, forest, ferns, views, love. Check, check and check! Here’s where you get to relish in their beautiful day. Thank you so much for having me as your photographer, N+S!

-always love, amy.

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The Weddings Professionals who made this day possible:

Ginger Bee Events + Planning

Sunshine’s All Natural Catering

Florals and Ceremony Decor by Gather Design

DJ Extraordinaire Magnolia Rhapsody

Nicole’s dress is by Pronovias

Bridesmaids dresses are from BHLDN

Sweet Life Cakery

Cort Party Rentals and Vintage Ambiance

Songbird Paperie

Hair and Makeup by Angie Evans