Katie & Josh | Backyard Bremerton Wedding

Ok. This wedding was magnificient. Our bride & groom, Katie & Josh, are also wedding  photographers and Wow! Did Katie have a most amazing vision for her wedding! The first things that made their wedding special...

...they were married at her parent's house. In their stellar backyard of acres of amazing land in Bremerton.

...her father planted a patch of cosmos. Just for her. Just for her wedding day. *gushing

...their first look was in a clearing of tall grasses. With their entire family watching. *more gushing.

...I cried like a baby during their first look.

...the ceremony took place in the woods. Everyone stood. An acustic guitar & violin echoed through the trees. I didn't see a single person who didn't have tears in their eyes.

...I, too, cried like a baby during the ceremony.

...I cried liked a baby during the toasts.

...I cried from laughter when a youngster dropped his pants and peed in the grass during dinner.

...dahlias are my favorite flower. And Katie had them everywhere. Oh, dahlias. You make me so happy.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface. Katie was stunning and Josh was a stud. The look in his eyes when he looked at Katie. *gushing!!! Enough! Let's dive into images. Thanks Sabra Hall for having me along on this wedding. It's always an honor to be apart of such a prominent day in the lives of others and this wedding ranks high high high on my list of all time favs! Enjoy & I hope you gush just as much as I am after re-visiting these images.

-always love, amy.

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