Alissa, Alan, Kim & Loki | Portraits at Discovery Park

If any of you saw my latest tweet, then you're here to keep tabs on me. And these portraits I'm about to share fit the bill perfectly. This family, and one gal in particular, mean so much to me. Can I give you a quick little back story?

Alissa and I met in photo school. She and I were 100% polar opposites. She, outgoing; not afraid to speak her mind; totally comfortable in her own skin. Me, shy; afraid to speak my mind; totally NOT comfortable in my own skin. Something happened, though.

None of that mattered! That's when you know you can be fast friends! I fed off her confidence and 'I-don't-give-a-sh*t-attitude.'

And then, she got diagnosed with cancer. And then, she kicked cancer's a**. She stood up to cancer and said 'Not me. Not now. Check out my cancer ninja fighting skills.' And for that, for never backing down, she will forever be my hero. Her husband? Yeah he's pretty killer, too. And her mother, Kim, pictured with them in the images, is amazing. I admire them all. To keep this long story short, enter Alissa, Alan, Kim, & their furry Aussie Loki.

This next image pretty much sums up Alissa + Alan's personality.

My favorite image from our shoot.