Taylor + Lynae | Seattle Engagement Photography

Aaaaand I'm back! It has been so insanely long since I've shared my latest and greatest. I'm very pleased to be back in the blog-o-sphere. Please know that this post is so very special to me. I am dead set and fully committed to making the big switch back to being a film photographer. That's right. It's happening people! It's a big decision to make but it's what I need to do for myself as a photographer but also for my clients. Being photographed with film is such a different experience for all. Every image becomes purposeful and meaningful; not that it isn't with a digital camera. Every click is oh so satisfying. And that's the main thing that's driving me to provide the film experience for portraits and weddings. I'm happier when I'm shooting film.

This session was photographed with my fellow photographer pal, Taylor Grant and his incredibly gorgeous and energetic fiance, Lynae. They are saying their I Do's this coming July and I was honored they let me shoot their engagement portraits. Please enjoy these delicious film frames. It's so dynamic. So fulfilling. Be on the look out for a post featuring the gear and film that makes this all happen. The Mamiya and Hasselblad cameras in my bag deserve some recognition and serious love.

Congrats Lynae and Taylor! Want to see how Taylor proposed to Lynae? Your answer is yes, just like Lynae.

{Mamiya 645, Hasselblad 500cm | Fuji Pro400H, Ilford HP5}