Lisa+Cyrus | Engaged at Alki Beach

She had no idea. We all knew, but she didn't. Cyrus later told me he couldn't tell me until moments before it happened because he knew I wouldn't be able to sit through the entire day of the Musea Gathering taught by Kirk Mastin without acting like a weirdo around Lisa. I suspected something was up when Cyrus was insistent I bring my camera & take pictures of them at Alki Beach before dinner.

Walking to dinner, Lisa was so confused why we weren't in more of hurry to get to the restaurant. It was 5 minutes until 8pm and Kirk, who was so wonderful to accept our invitation to join us for dinner, was sure to arrive at any moment.

"You guys. Cactus is this way! Why are you crossing the street?" asks Lisa.

"We're going to the beach!" we mutter, walking quickly so as not to allow time for more questions. Lisa follows, still confused.

Cyrus has been learning film photography from Lisa. So he's always asking questions about light and direction and exposure. "If you were to take portraits here, what would you guys do?"

"Back lit is always ideal. I'd put my couple right here," Darren and I explain.

Cyrus was on his knee so fast, Darren and I had just enough time to meter & set our exposure. We are so honored to have witnessed this amazing moment. It was perfection. Great job, Cyrus. You knocked it out of the park and Thank You for letting us be apart of this next step in your lives! Mazel Tov!

{ Color images by Amy on the Mamiya 645 with Fuji Pro400H | Black and White images by Darren on Contax G1 with Ilford HP5 }