Personal Work | The Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula. Wow. I'm a Northwest native and I can't believe I've never had or made the time to visit this stunning portion of Washington State. Darren, Lucy and I loaded up the car early one morning with no particular plan. We knew we wanted to just let the weekend be; to just drive and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. We rented a few Hasselblads (leaving our digital cameras at home) and with the help of little to no cell phone reception, we vowed to keep our phones off and disconnect from the noise. Being the Instagram junkies that we are, we let ourselves do ONE post for the weekend. Addicted much?

The destinations pictured below are the Quinalt Rainforest & River, South Beach, La Push, Rialto Beach, and Fort Worden.

The ferry ride home was magical. I have somewhat of a seagull obsession and the gulls were flying feet from the railing of the ferry; floating and diving for crackers from passengers and performing a show for my light and bright heart. I haven't laughed with such innocence in a long time like I did during those moments.

And if you haven't heard the story of how we stumbled upon the cabin we stayed in, it's worth hearing. It could easily be the script of a Northwest horror flick. And crazy enough, Darren and I want to go back. Want to join us? See Darren's images here on his blog.

{Hasselblad H1, Hasselblad 500cm | Kodak Portra 160, Kodak 400 and Kodak 800 | Scans by Richard Photo Lab}

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