Why Weddings? When I was in photography school, I wanted to be a product photographer. I loved making things look pretty. But somewhere in my education, I halted and switched gears. I wanted to use my camera to photograph faces and moments we can't relive again. And I love to incorporate my product photography background with my styling skills to tie all the details of your day together. I shoot weddings because you've chosen each other and I want to tell your story and create memories.

How do you approach shooting weddings? In one word, my style is very intentional. My goals is to create beautiful portraiture with the idea that they belong on your walls, not trapped on a hard drive. I also like to be a fly on the wall; I like to observe. I'll go after a good portrait when I see it and when the moment is right. And I LOVE color! Lots and lots of color!

Why film? I feel different when I'm shooting film and I see differently with my Hasselblad in my hands. I have no doubt that when I first picked up a Hasselblad, there was a little bit of electricity. While that sounds so cheesy to write, it's true. I stopped shooting film for a while except for my own personal work. But there's really no reason why my clients can't have the film experience themselves. I'm what you call a 'Hybrid Shooter.' We'll shoot the highlights of your wedding with film and then I'll switch to digital during the reception, when the rapid fire fun starts.

Tell me more about your film approach. The beauty of film is that it forces us to slow down and enjoy every single frame we capture. There's only so many frames on each roll so this is where we really get to savor the experience of creating an image. With digital, it's easier to get trigger happy (which I also enjoy, don't get me wrong!). There's just a different time and place for each medium. Every click of the shutter counts. Every image is purposeful with film.

Do you offer a drive of images? For weddings, you'll receive a thumb drive of high resolution images for printing as well as low resolution images for social sharing. When you receive your high resolution images, we'll provide you with our suggestions for printing for best quality (of course we always hope you'll print with us!). For Portraits and Boudoir, you'll receive all images as low resolution files plus 20 of your selects as high resolution, retouched files.

We don't want an album. Only the files please. I can't stress enough how important your wedding and portrait photography is. Why diminish them to a thumb drive? Albums are the ultimate final product that will give your images life. Please, let me change your mind! The design process is really fun! And you'll have just as much satisfaction designing it with me as you will showing it off to your family years and decades down the road, when the thumb drive has inevitably failed.