Wedding Package Deliverables

Hard drives, gigabytes and tablets have taken over our everyday lives. Sigh...I'm so not down with the world speeding up at the rate it is.  So one of the things I forced myself to incorporate into my wedding photography package are prints and tangibles. It's taken a few tries to get this set up right but I think I've finally settled on a lovely deliverable package. With every wedding, you'll receive up to 100 4x6 prints presented in a custom wood storage box along with your thumb drive of images. Thumb drives in my opinion are just destined to be a junk-drawer item so the wood box also has a false bottom for your images to be safely stored. If I can prevent you from loosing your wedding images, this is just one way! Side note: your thumb drive also comes with a PDF on best practices to store, save, and protect your images; whether they are in print or digital format.

Oh, and did I mention that wedding packages also include albums now?!? Hey, wedding packages also include albums now! Going into 2015, a 9x9 album is yours. Of course you can upgrade it if you'd like your album to have a little more impact and parent albums are now an added option for our couples! I can not wait to reveal the gorgeous sample album that's getting designed behind the scenes right now! Until then, your deliverables from AKP:

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