Married | Nikki+Chad's Garden Wedding in Port Orchard

Not only are Nikki+Chad one stunning couple, but they had the most splendid Garden Wedding in Port Orchard. It's never a bad thing in my book when there's too many flowers. On top of all the color and loveliness, there were so many smiling faces and so much love all around. I was definitely in OMG overload that day. The day began with torrential downpours. Ummm, torrential with an uppercase T. The family was soaked to their bones as they scrambled to pitch canopy tents, cover seats, protect the DIY decorations they had sweated over; all while Nikki got glammed up in the comfort of the family's warm, dry home. Which brings me to my next thought: I LOVE backyard weddings. Because it truly becomes a day all about just that. Family. The family wasn't going to let a little (ok, no a LOT) of rain get in the way of Nikki+Chad's vows.

And moment the ceremony was set to begin, it was like watching a miracle happen right before your eyes; the clouds parted, the sky turned a vibrant happy blue, and Nikki+Chad wed in the sunshine. It was magic, you guys! Please enjoy this set of lovely images from their wedding back in August. Congrats, N+C!

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