Sara + John | Discovery Park

This couple is just too cute for words. John adores Sara; you can tell just by the way he looks at her. And Sara. Well she's just straight up gorgeous. We made our way to Discovery Park on a windy yet perfectly warm Seattle day and had our fun with the tall grasses, the yummy orange sunlight and some chalk games. That's right. S+J were enthusiastic enough to play with the idea of scribbling sweet little hearts and giggling for a breather during our shoot together. John was so cute; being all self conscious about his hearts not being acceptable and Sara told him they were perfect.

So. Much. Fun.

Hold up for a quick second and allow me to geek out, please? The next 3 images were shot with my second favorite lens. The mighty 85mm f/1.2. She's beautiful. She's one of those lenses you'd dip in bronze and keep on the mantel because she's just THAT yummy. Oh, 85. One day you will be mine. Until then, we'll be weekend friends.

Sara + John will get hitched at Craven Farms in Snohomish in 30 quick days!