Megan + Gordon | Chateau Ste Michelle & Herb Farm

Megan + Gordon. Let me count the ways. I'll start this post by saying I LOVE you guys!

I knew Megan & I would get along right off the bat when we had three things in common. 1.) We both love LaNaya Myers. 2.) We both love the heavenly island of Kaua'i. 3.) We are both really excited about photography. Megan knew exactly what she wanted for she & Gordon's Engagement Session. She wanted to go to a winery and stomp some grapes. So we did just that.

But before we get to the squishy, runny, sticky, grappy-ness, here's Megan + Gordon who will sweetly tie the know in September at the Edgewater House in Gig Harbor.

Ok, I hope you're all ready for this. It's waaaay too cute and I'm pretty sure we laughed the entire time. What makes me love Gordon even more is that he was just as in to the grape stomping as Megan & I were! +10 points for G-Dogg. ; )

And for your viewing enjoyement, a fun little GIF animation of the stompin' in action...

(Click to open & play!)

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