Jenn+Chris | Orcas Island Wedding at Oddfellows Hall

Oh, the San Juan Islands. They are a real gem in this world and I’ll cherish them in my heart for always. So when Chris+Jenn found me to shoot their Orcas Island wedding…gasp…Yes, Please!

Orcas Island, like the whole lot of the San Juan collection of islands actually, is peaceful, charming and kinda spooky all at the same. And Oddfellows Hall is just as charming and, being right on the water with incredible scenic views, it seriously is a stunning place to wed. Good choice, Jenn+Chris. Good choice, indeed.

Thank you, J+C for having me document the adventure that starts your next adventure!

-always love, amy.

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Dan+Anna | Trinity Tree Farm Wedding at The Lodge

I met Dan+Anna at a wedding when I was a guest at a wedding! They were lounging at cocktail hour, lookin' all cool and cute and I walked up and said something along the lines of "Hi! I don't know anyone here except the couple! May we lounge with you?" And the rest is history! We hit it off and now I'm happy to call them friends! So when they asked me to photograph their wedding at Trinity Tree Farm, I was ever so delighted! Dan has the best smile and Anna is just so kind and warm!

The highlights of their day? It was just easy and relaxed and they put so much emphasis on Just. Having. Fun. One of my most memorable moments was after the ceremony; I snagged Anna for one more quick portrait of her and Dan come rushing over with two glasses of wine and exclaimed that they MUST toast to their nuptials. He was as giddy as a kitten with catnip. So adorbs.

Please enjoy this collection of images from their most stunning wedding day! Congrats, my friends! xo -amy.


Guys, there are so many things to fight for in this world. Where and how do we put our efforts, our love and our support to everything that's so important to us? Puerto Rico, Houston, Mexico, Civil the Northern California fires. These fires have really hit home with my boyfriend; that's his hometown, where his heart is rooted. He has friends and family who have been directly effected, who have lost their homes and are completely displaced or are at the mercy of the winds and hoping for the best. I've seen a few photographers in my network doing fundraisers with their print sales. So I'm joining the efforts. 100 PERCENT of the print sales from this gallery will go directly to the Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund. Prints are just $20. You get a little piece of pretty on your walls and it's a quick 5 minute chance to help our fellow human beings are in desperate need of relief. It's small, but it's something.

Though not all images in the gallery feature SF/the Bay, these are images of places Darren and I have traveled together that are of great significance to us; places and moments together that are close to our hearts. Perhaps the gallery features an image of a place you've been but never printed that photo that's on your phone? Here's your chance, friends!

Please share this link and donate to the efforts! Boom. xoxo -amy. 


Annie+Justin's Love Story Session

Annie+Justin were engaged in Capri to be exact....when the sun was setting...on a sailboat. Ugh, Justin. Nice work. ; ) I am so glad that I found these two cuties and was able to take their portraits. Annie is simply gorgeous and so easy to photograph and they weren't shy to hop in a row boat at an attempt to pay tribute to Justin's romantic proposal. South Lake Union may not quite be Capri, but hey. Bobbing up and down, getting trapped in between a few larger boats and getting hollered at by the Center for Wooden Boat staff was worth every second with them! Thank you so much, Annie+Justin! Congrats, Lovelies! xoxo

-xoxo amy.