2014 | Year in Review

What a year it's been. I've had so many awesome moments with amazing people, been witness to some beautiful weddings, made a ton of new friends, put myself in that 'uncomfy' zone and learned a TON! With 2015 upon us, I thought I'd share some of my favorite captures from the past year including some repeats and also some never-before-shared images. I was so lucky to be an attendee of a FIND Workshop this year. For those that are unfamiliar, FIND stands for Film Is Not Dead. I still have yet to write about my amazing experience there but even seven months since the workshop happened, I still can't quite put it all into words. So, in no particular order, 2014 in a nutshell. Cheers to 2015!

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Hello, LA

It was my first time visiting the City of Angels. Though I was born in Van Nuys, my family moved to the Pacific Northwest when I was barely big enough to hold a camera to my eye. So I was so excited to experience another grand city in the great U.S. of A. And she was good to me. Actually, I take that back. Lisa & Cyrus were good to me. They took Darren and I into their home where we bunked up with them and their three dogs, two cats and three chickens. Darren went to Brooks with Lisa and it was my first time meeting them. We fell in love with the city, with their home (also known as The Farm), with the animals, with the possibilities, with Lisa & Cyrus.

We beached it up in Santa Barbara. The boys surfed. Lisa and I lazily lounged in the sand. We rode beach cruisers by the Santa Monica Pier and goofed around at Muscle Beach. We went paddle boarding in Marina del Rey where Cyrus made me fall in back first when he ramed his board into mine (I'll get you back, I promise!). We ate killer food.

When I picked up the film today, I sunk in sadness because I wish I would have taken more photos. Just a good excuse to go back, right? Here are my favorites from our sunshine soaked vacay.

{all shot with Mamiya 645 • Fuji Pro400H}

Huntington Beach stole my little heart.

The puppies of the farm: Cali 'The Bug,' Luna, and Valentine.

I want to time travel and go back! I'm so happy we get to see them again next month when they come stay with us. Lisa and I are both attending the Musea Gathering in Tacoma. Benj Haisch's studio will the perfect setting to get inspired by the so very incredible Kirk Mastin. Until July, Lisa & Cyrus! xo