2014 | Year in Review

What a year it's been. I've had so many awesome moments with amazing people, been witness to some beautiful weddings, made a ton of new friends, put myself in that 'uncomfy' zone and learned a TON! With 2015 upon us, I thought I'd share some of my favorite captures from the past year including some repeats and also some never-before-shared images. I was so lucky to be an attendee of a FIND Workshop this year. For those that are unfamiliar, FIND stands for Film Is Not Dead. I still have yet to write about my amazing experience there but even seven months since the workshop happened, I still can't quite put it all into words. So, in no particular order, 2014 in a nutshell. Cheers to 2015!

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San Francisco Family Portraits | The Sullivan Family

These sunny San Francisco Family Portraits have me pining for warm rays of sun on my skin. And Emily is the cutest little gal I've had the pleasure to chase around during a family session. After Emily gave up on me, Jessica+Brendan snuggled up for some fun photos in their beloved old school Buick. Thank you for having me, Sullivan Family!

San Francisco Family Portraits

23Amy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel Photography4Amy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographySan Francisco Family Portraits6Amy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel Photography7Amy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel PhotographyAmy Kiel Photography

Geek Notes: Hasselbad H1, Canon EOS3 | Portra400 | Developed and Scanned by Richard PhotoLab

The Miera Family | Family Portraits at Discovery Park

Merry Christmas, Everyone! I hope this post finds all of you happy, healthy & full of the holiday spirit. To add to your Christmas Eve eye candy, this family is the perfect bit of color & love to share. Matt became a good friend when a group of co-workers and I frequented the bar he owns in Georgetown (Happy Hour, ya'll!) so I was so excited to get to meet his beautiful family. We met early on a crisp, 32 degree morning for their Family Portraits at Discovery Park. It took their sweet girl, Josslyn a while to warm up to me but once she realized I wasn't a scary witch we shared some giggles, tossed leaves in the air, and her flirty self shined in their session.

Merry Christmas, Matt+Jessi+Josslyn!

{ Hasselblad H1 and CanonEOS3 | Portra 400 }

131124_MIERA_15131124_MIERA_18131124_MIERA_22131124_MIERA_24Family Portraits at Discovery Park131124_MIERA_53 copyFamily Portraits at Discovery Park131124_MIERA_65131124_MIERA_73131124_MIERA_79Family Portraits at Discovery Park

Newborn Portraits | Meet Baby Isaac

Meet Baby Isaac! Alex and his new baby brother were two squirmy bodies that had me smiling every second I had with them during Isaac's Newborn Portraits. Sabra is a dear friend of mine and I have loved watching her family grow over the years. I hope you all enjoy these sweet and bright portraits of their family. This type of session is something I'd love to shoot more of. The candid and 'homey' images of the boys on the bed? Those are the moments I want to give every family. So if you're still looking for portraits for the holidays, let's please get together and make some magic! Congratulations on your new bundle Sabra and Casey!

{ Mamiya 645 Pro, Canon EOS 3, Hasselblad 500cm | Kodak Portra400 and Ilford XP2 }